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About Us

From Our Home to Yours

Stag + Owl was inspired by Cristina's son, Jed (Jedidiah). After giving birth to Jed at only 24-weeks gestation, she began documenting her motherhood journey on Instagram (@miraclemotherhood) and on her blog ( She built a community for moms, especially for those with NICU preemies, where they could share thoughts and feelings that only they could relate to. Jed's rollercoaster NICU journey wasn't only a catalyst for a preemie-mom support group, but also the spark that reignited Cristina's creative side and passions all over again. 

Having always loved shopping and fashion, Cristina made a hobby out of seeking out stylish clothes for her son. Unfortunately, she quickly realized how limited fashion-forward clothes were for children. After some extensive digging and a few concept designs, she conceived the idea of bringing a collection together from all over the world and making it accessible for parents here at home.

By combining her love for clothes, photography, design and social media, Cristina hopes to yet again create an engaging and interactive online community. This time it'll be one where parents can shop, share ideas and connect over fashion and trends for them and their little ones.

Cristina's husband, Jeffrey, is an illustrator and helps taming their wild child!